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With Lifechange travel, our desire is to help you create the life you love. We are looking for the dreamers, the explorers, the adventurers and the difference makers of the world. By booking a travel experience with us you will have the opportunity to appreciate the splendor of Cape Town, South Africa with her beauty, culture and wildlife. Join us on an adventure of a lifetime, which promises to be the change you need to create the life you love.

About Us

Lifechange travel is a transformative experience that combines the beauty of Africa with self-discovery. As you explore the wonders of the continent, you will also embark on a journey of self-awareness and personal growth. It’s a chance to step outside your comfort zone and discover new perspectives, while gaining a deeper understanding of yourself. With Lifechange travel, you’ll not only discover the majesty of Africa, but also the wonders of who you truly are.


Travel Packages

Safari & Outreach

Experience the best of South Africa’s culture with our Safari & Outreach travel package. Over this 10 day journey, witness the majestic giraffes moving gracefully across the savannah and feel the stirring silence of the African bush. But this journey is not just about wildlife -it also gives you a chance to engage with the local community through outreach programs. This unique travel package offers you the opportunity to witness both sides of South Africa’s culture, allowing for a truly unforgettable experience.

Adventure Africa

Adventure Africa is thee perfect travel package for thrill-seekers and explorers looking for the ultimate adventure. Whether you come with friends or make new ones, you’ll experience unique and unforgettable moments in the wild. If you’re a dreamer and love discovering new places, this is your chance to come face-to-face with nature and experience its true, untouched beauty. With opportunities for adrenaline-fueled activities, there’s never a dull moment. So, go on, be daring, and take the plunge with Adventure Africa. It’ll be a journey of a lifetime.

Deluxe Package

The Africa Deluxe package is perfect for the adventurous traveler who also enjoys the finer things in life. It offers a great mix of adventure and comfort, with luxurious accommodations and stunning views. Experience the finest culture and cuisine while indulging in upscale amenities. This package is the perfect blend of style and poise, designed for the avid explorer who wants to travel in luxury and discover new experiences. So, book your trip now and enjoy the best of both worlds with Africa Deluxe.


Offered in collaboration with Baobab non profit organization, our LifeChange Travel blends fun, hands-on exploration, meaningful encounters with people and cultures, and more free time and choices—with the structure and security of traveling in a small group.

Age Requirement: 12+
All travelers under the age of 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

What can you expect when you travel on a LifeChange Travel trip?

Hands on time in the informal settlements reaching the people of Africa and investing into a sustainable future.

Free time to explore on your own, along with some included meals and activities

No extra fee for solo travelers—same gender roommate will be provided, or pay extra for your own space

An unforgettable experience at an incredible value


Itineraries vary per departure and are subject to change until tour start date; they are not final and should be used as examples only. Travelers will receive their specific package itinerary upon booking specific to their departure.

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