My goal is to wake up every morning feeling overwhelmingly thankful about the kind of life I have created for myself

Keynote Speaker JJ Viljoen

Inspirational Activator

“A prolific speaker effectively engaging both men & women and a gladiator in the arena of leadership.
— Melina Singh, Author, radio personality

Keynote Speaker

Discovering your true identity is the beginning of becoming your full potential. JJ is a motivational speaker and minister with an engaging and insightful approach. JJ helps her audiences around the world self-discover and unlock their greatness by unveiling mysteries and awakening vision.

Greatness is not something that comes upon us, but rather something found within. As an inspirational Activator, JJ Viljoen speaks straight to your heart in awakening those things that make you come alive. JJ is well versed in the financial and business field and has phenomenal leadership experience in motivating, building teams, training & development, and mastery of change. 

JJ Viljoen’s speaking style is clear and direct. She is engaging, and interactive with the audience. Her experience in leadership and ministry gives her timeless, powerful insight into what it takes to succeed and how to awaken the vision inside. When she is your keynote speaker, audiences will listen and walk away with thought provoking moments that prompt lasting change.

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