My goal is to wake up every morning feeling overwhelmingly thankful about the kind of life I have created for myself

What is 1:1 coaching?

Life by Design 1:1 coaching is an opportunity to take a deeper dive into your personal, financial, business or life goals. Sit with a qualified life coach who will help you become the architect of your own life. Building each step by design and overcoming obstacles along the way. This is a roadmap to self discovery and ensuring who you truly are is reflected in what you do.

Why should you choose 1:1 coaching?

Have you ever asked the question, what am i passionate about, what should i be doing with my life, what is my purpose?

1:1 coaching is designed for that person who wants to take an intentional journey toward their goal. Whether you are looking for financial freedom or success or have an entrepreneur heart or possibly starting up a new business. Life coaching will help you achieve those goals through questions and an opportunity to self discover your passions and drive.

My approach to coaching

I am an inspirational activator. In my coaching sessions you will find that I will trigger passions and dig deep to uncover the authentic you through self discovery questions and in depth conversations. I take time to custom design a road map for each of my clients based on their journey and aim to be your biggest motivator to you fulfilling your dreams.

Life By Design Seminar

We are called human beings, not human doings. Yet how often are we labeled by what we do or equate our identity by the job role we fulfill.

What is the life by design seminar?

Life by Design seminar is a 5 hour course that deals with just that. Your being! Discovering your authentic identity and how an accurate I AM leads to an accurate I Do. Through this course we deal with the blockages that have stood in the way and tap into some discovering some trauma triggers and how they play a part in your I AM.

Why do you want to attend a Life By Design seminar?

This seminar is designed for individuals who are looking for that “something more”. Tired of life being your 9-5 or being subject to the rat race of society. The 1 percenters who identify themselves outside the box but don't quite know what that looks like yet.

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