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A bit about myself

My name is JJ , owner and founder of Lifechange. Lifechange is a business that started out in 2014 as a health and fitness coaching program that helped empower people to reach their fitness goals.

After coaching people 1×1 and in groups I realized that every goal in life requires a clear discovery of your why and unlocking your IAM before you can effectively reach and keep that goal. That’s when Lifechange – create your life by design, was born. This is where we take a deep dive into understanding the two factors that drive all success and create a goal driven effective life. Your WHY and your WHO.

If you don’t know your why and your who you will struggle to understand your what and your when.

Have you ever asked the question, what am I passionate about, what should i be doing with my life, what is my purpose?

This self discovery ,purpose driven course will help unlock keys toward understanding the very things that make you you.

J. Viljoen


What My Clients are Saying

Working with JJ has been one of the most pivotal decisions for my ministry and business in 2022. Not only has she come alongside me in a personal way to help guide me in overcoming mindset issues that are now significantly and positively impacting my work and capacity, she has also provided biblical, Spirit-breathed wisdom to help me navigate finances and future longevity decisions. In essence, I’ve considered her to be an instrumental God-send and part of the growth and expansion of The Hope Adventure. There’s nothing better than having a champion in your corner!
Bethany Anderson
Director & Founder of the Hope Adventure
Let me begin by saying that my relationship with JJ spans for approximately 20 years. Without a doubt JJ Viljoen is a rare gem. She stands tall among her counterparts She knows who she is and what she wants to achieve in all facets of her life. She knows her authentic self and honors her instincts. In my experience, her resilience impacts and influences others to keep moving forward in the right direction. JJ’s coaching and ministry Is strongly founded in standing up for the cause she believes in and giving voice to those who cannot speak for themselves. I have known her to be a leader of excellence, average is not in the constructs of her DNA and failure is not an option. JJ is strategic in thinking outside the box, intelligent, witty, with colossal wisdom, she is a good judge of content. JJ effectively engages both men and women in a mentoring capacity and is a gladiator in the arena of leadership.

She is a brilliant teacher and a prolific speaker. I certainly pay attention to detail when she speaks.

JJ has a proven track record of intergrity, honesty and transparency. Her humility is her superpower.
Melina Singh
Author, radio personality and Co-founder Jems Foundation South Africa
JJ has been such an influence in my life in so many realms .As a business partner, she really helped me think outside of the box with different dreams and goals for the business that I never would have ever considered. She’s a dreamer but also knows how to put the work in to make the dream a reality! She’s my go-to for advice, counsel and when I need someone to break down some walls and boxes I put myself in! JJ has such a presence about her, everyone that meets her, loves her. She has a way of piercing your heart with the exact words you need to hear without damaging it. Not many people have that gifting, but JJ does. When she speaks, it changes you. She inspires you to do more, be more. I’m grateful for having her in my life in so many different roles. She is consistent and a life changer to so many people, including mine!
Samantha Castaldo
Director of Lifechange Girls
Feeling like you are constantly going through the day to day motions questioning your value. Not knowing where to begin. You have puzzle pieces that you’re trying to work with but don’t even know how they fit in. If you’re anything like me, this was exactly where I felt before I met JJ. You could say I needed a course. I needed a pathway, maybe even a push in a direction to begin to understand the intricacies of grabbing hold of life and making it your own. She’s brilliant. I attended a seminar she held and she blew my mind. I knew from that point on I wanted to take my life back. I wanted to start living with purpose. I’ve had three sessions since and I couldn’t be happier with the progress I’ve been making. Acting and speaking with purpose. New career outlook. Adventures that I thought I would never go on. She has truly helped me refocus my priorities and guided me to where I want to be. Without her coaching I don’t even know if I would have known where to begin. Her insight on life’s challenges and fears give so much backbone to her as a teacher, a coach and friend. I can 100% say without a doubt that I am growing in the right direction due to the impact she has had in my life. Thank you JJ. Thank you Lifechange. Thank you for showing me how to find my purpose again.
Andrew Lubeski
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